El Toro Mexican Restaurant
& Cantina

Serving the finest homemade Mexican food indoors or on the patio in the heart of Chiangmai, Thailand. Try our famous Frozen Marguaritas
Tortillas and Salsa made fresh daily. Tacos, Nachos, Guacamolé, Burritos, Enchiladas, Tostadas, Flautas, Tostitos, Fajitas, Quesadillas, Chimichangas.

drinks Enjoy our large selection of Cocktails, Spirits, Thai Whiskies, and Imported Beer. Special price for our Pitcher of Frozen Marguaritas. siesta time


Our Menu


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  1. Chilli con carné served with tortillas or rice and salad
  2. Pork or chicken tacos served with lettuce, tomato, onion, bell pepper
  3. Mexican rice served with salad
  4. Super nachos served with salad
  5. Quesadillas served with salad and salsa fresca
  6. Corn tortilla chips served with salsa fresca
  7. Refried beans
  8. Chicken chimichangas served with salsa fresca and salad
  9. El Toro special served with tortilla chips and salad
  10. New Mexican enchiladas served with fried egg and salad
  11. Mexicali chicken served with rice and salad
  12. Spicy hot chicken fajitas served with hot tortillas and salad
  13. Mexican omelette served with salad and hot tortillas
  14. Chicken flautas served with guacamolé and salad
  15. Toastitos: crisp tortillas served with scrambled eggs with cheese and salad
  16. Tostadas served with Mexican hot sauce and salad
  17. Pork or chicken burritos with served with salad
  18. Combination: 3 burritos served with chilli con carné, rice and salad
  19. Guacamolé

Lek making tortillas

Our salsa and tortillas are homemade

peppers house

We also serve Thai Food, Pasta, Sandwiches,
Salads, Vegetarian Specialities and delightful desserts.

We are easy to find on Loi Kroh Road,
just east of the moat


El Toro Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
24/5 Loi Kroh Road
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tel: +66 5327-3574
Email: eltoro@eltoro.infothai.com

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